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What Is Therapeutic Skin Care?

Therapeutic skin care helps spa franchise clients get the individualized treatment they need. From cystic acne to aging skin, therapeutic skin care presents medical-grade solutions to some of the most dire skin conditions. Unlike traditional spa facials, which focus primarily on providing relaxation, Face to Face Spa’s therapeutic approach to skin care prioritizes deep cleansing, extractions, and other science-based treatments to provide relief and results. More importantly, we specialize in identifying skin care regimens that work specifically for each client’s unique skin type and needs.

Check out how our therapeutic skin care services can help you achieve overall skin health:

For aging skin, cystic acne, rosacea, or hyperpigmentation, try our Premium Facial. This service zeroes in on specialized treatments, including extractions, brightening and calming, or pore size reduction.

For uneven skin tone, try our Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion Resurfacing treatment. We recommend that clients at our spa franchise experience a series of six treatments – one every 2 weeks – for best results. Painlessly buff away dry, damaged skin cells and boost collagen production for a refreshed look.

For sensitive skin, try one of our Very Superficial Strength Chemical Exfoliation Peels. One of our spa franchise’s mildest peels, this treatment is perfect for first-timers – consisting of Mandelic (30%), Vitamin C Antioxidant, an Enzyme/Glycolic Blend (30%) and an Enzyme/Salicylic Blend (20%). These treatments promote the generation of new tissue while working to reduce mild acne, light hyperpigmentation and the appearance of fine lines.

Looking to kickstart your own journey to clearer, healthier skin? Face to Face Spa’s group of passionate spa franchise professionals address clients’ target areas of concern with customized medical-grade facials, chemical peels and more. With our care and expertise, our clients are overcoming their skin care obstacles with confidence!

Are you interested in joining the medi-spa industry? Request more information to learn how you can open your very own skin care spa franchise or check out our Franchise Steps to own a Face To Face medical spa franchise!

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