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About the Founder

Face to Face Spa was founded in 2011, by Registered Nurse, Jenny Abraham. Face to Face Spa’s membership-based spa model promotes skin health, rather than pampering. Our concept welcomes guests to begin goal-oriented, results-driven skin care regimens for just a small monthly fee. Beyond the opportunity to offer distinguished, quality care at competitive prices, Face to Face Spa’s business model allows owner-operators to benefit from consistent revenue and strong ROI.

“I suffered from severe cystic acne since I was a teenager, and found that, after years of trying over-the-counter products and promising infomercials, I was still suffering from multiple painful red blemishes. Additionally, multiple medications and dermatologist visits were becoming too great of an expense.  I did not want to TREAT my acne with medication, I wanted to PREVENT it.

I began to experiment with facials, yet day spas were pricey and most treatments were about relaxation rather than relief, deep cleansing, extractions and results. Eventually, I stumbled across a medical esthetician in the Austin area who was my perfect match. She performed high-tech interventions during her facial, such as high frequency, and performed thorough extractions. Routine facial services and chemical peels vastly reduced my acne symptoms.

As a wound care nurse for a large Austin Health Center at the time, I was fascinated with the science behind quality facial products and ingredients, as well as evidence-based practice standards for promoting skin health. The nurse in me wanted to create a quality, science-based facial and offer it to the general public for an affordable price…so that’s what I did.”

Jenny AbrahamJenny Abraham, RN
Owner & Proprietor
Face to Face Spa
Our artful combination of ambiance, expertise, and customer care make us shine amongst competitors in our growing industry.

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