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The Face to Face Spa Experience

The Spa Experience

With an annual 18 percent increase since 2013, it’s no question that the medical spa industry is on the rise. That’s great news for entrepreneurs who have a heart for the mechanics of healthy, glowing skin. Face to Face Franchising combines superior customer care with state-of-the-art techniques in science-based skin treatment to create a spa experience like none other in major markets throughout the U.S.

Face to Face Spa owners partner with seasoned esthetic professionals to introduce the science behind healthy skin to communities nationwide. Our medical-grade facials focus on anti-aging, brightening, acne clearing, and calming – vital concerns that are seldom addressed by our competitors. Additionally, our services double as comprehensive treatments for some of today’s most common skin issues, including rosacea, hyperpigmentation, hormonal issues, skin sensitivity and fine lines and wrinkles.  

Together, the Face to Face Spa team is committed to mastering leading practices in medical-grade skin care, including ionic hydration galvanic therapy, powerful deep cleanses, thorough extractions and more.

More and more, people are seeking therapeutic skin care regimens that are best achieved through comprehensive, medical-grade services.  Are you ready to own the leading medical spa franchise? We can make that happen. Experience a rewarding, respected career in skin care by owning your very own Face to Face Spa.

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