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“Rosacea? Boy BYE!”

For almost 1 year, I have been in this “less is more” mindset. I have had 3 garage sales in the past year because decluttering and getting rid of things that do not serve my family a purpose has become so therapeutic. I have cut down on my shopping tremendously and am sticking to more “staple” pieces rather than “statement” pieces. I have invested more of my time and money into taking better care of myself 1. My skin & 2. My hair.

So, Let’s talk skin.

With this “less is more” mindset, I have found that by taking better care of my skin means I reach for my makeup a lot less. One thing that I have always loved when it comes to makeup is full coverage foundation. I don’t have severe acne, nor do I suffer from scaring. I favor full coverage simply for the face that I have an uneven skin tone. While the majority of my body has a warmer tent, my face has always been splotchy red with a pink tone. Unless I go full coverage, it ends up looking like my makeup does not match my neck.

Until now.

SkinBetter has become my new, all time, favorite skin care line. It has been TWO WEEKS since I began using the Alto Defense Serum and BOY HOWDY has this changed my skin tone for the better!!

The Alto Defense Serum has 19 antioxidant ingredients designed to protect and support the skin from from environmental stressors. In doing so, this killer formula:

  1. Promotes even skin tone
  2. Reduces redness
  3. Brightens the appearance of the skin
  4. Neutralizes free radicals

Because of this serum, I am even MORE confident in reaching for the makeup LESS. When I do decide to add a little edge to my look, I use less foundation than I did before due to the brightness of my skin and even skin tone. Using this formula only twice/day has made a huge transformation in not only the way I look or feel, but the amount of additional time that is added to my already terrific, turbulent, toddler-raising day!

Schedule your appointment with an esthetician and learn more about your skin HERE at Face to Face Spa!

Much Love,


Haylee Clark
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