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Perfect Your Medi-Spa Grand Opening


Host a Dynamic Grand Opening for Your Medi-Spa Franchise

The grand opening of your medi-spa franchise is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. You’ve worked relentlessly to select your site, perfect its design and iron out most of the operational details. And you know the day you open the doors of your medi-spa franchise will be one of the most fulfilling moments in your career.

What can you do to ensure that your grand opening is a true community affair? Face to Face Spa recommends that our franchisees consider the following suggestions.

Leverage local marketing to spread the word about your medi-spa franchise

Local marketing is one of your greatest assets when promoting the grand opening of your spa business. Introduce your franchise location as the newest neighbor and invite residents to stop by to say hello! Leverage local newspapers, television outlets and community calendars to get the word out about your business’ debut. Face to Face Spa makes this easy for franchisees, as we provide support for local and national marketing programs, including digital advertising, in-house marketing displays, our mobile app and more.

Connect with bloggers, influencers and your social media following

Don’t underestimate the power and reach of social networking. Shortly after starting your own spa business, establish and build a presence on various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Create buzz leading up to your grand opening with behind-the-scenes construction photos, staff profiles and a countdown to the big day. Reach out to health, beauty and lifestyle bloggers in the area who may be interested in featuring your event for an upcoming post. The more excitement you can drum up in the digisphere, the better your chances of boosting attendance at your opening.

Make your spa franchise grand opening an unforgettable event!

You’ve invested in a spa business for sale and worked hard through the build-out phase. Now is the time to celebrate! Go all out with food and beverages, local performers, giveaways and promotional events. Place your services at the center of the excitement by offering discounted medi-facials or products. Showcase your retail offerings with product samples and raffles. Immerse the community in your brand and everything it has to offer, and they will likely come back for more as your spa business grows.

Launch the spa business of your dreams with Face to Face Spa

Face to Face Spa’s refined business model and full suite of support makes it possible for franchise owners to make a unique impact in their communities – starting with a fun, interactive grand opening event. Our franchise support team proudly offers grand opening party support and organization for medi-spa franchise owners. Are you ready to invest in our spa business for sale? Find out how Face to Face Spa can help you launch the spa business of your dreams today!