1717 West 6th St. suite 120R, Austin, TX 78703

Corporate Support & Benefits

From inquiry to opening, Face to Face Spa provides an unparalleled level of support to its medi-spa franchisees. Medi-spa business franchisees receive corporate support and comprehensive training in all aspects of owning and operating a Face to Face Spa. This includes:

  • A required minimum of 80 hours of classroom training at the Face to Face Spa Corporate Headquarters in Austin, Texas, in addition to 40 hours of on-site training in your new Spa. Our retail partners and representatives provide additional training in-house.
  • Each Face to Face medi-spa business franchisee is assigned a Business Development Manager who provides ongoing operational, marketing and business counseling
  • Access to powerful marketing programs that include digital advertising, email marketing templates, in-house marketing displays, postcards, menus, pamphlets, business cards, our mobile app, as well as sales branded pens, retail bags and uniforms
  • Negotiated vendor discounts up to 14%
  • Set-up assistance for social media, business website and consumer rating profiles
  • Grand Opening party support, organization and ribbon-cutting ceremony
  • New employee training  via video, online modules and printed educational materials
  • Legal review for consent forms, protocols, policies and procedures to help keep your business protected
  • Access to HR support materials and best practices
  • 1-800 # assistance for day-to-day matters, including operational support, branding compliance, customer service advice, HR guidance, public relations, and IT support
  • Initial hiring assistance and training for your dream team
  • Site selection assistance from our network of national real estate experts
  • Lease negotiation assistance
  • Spa-in-a-Box option available for turn-key operation
  • Medical Director contract negotiation assistance
  • …and more!