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5 reasons why Dermaplaning should be your pick

“I, mustache, you a question…”

I have found my absolute favorite skin care approach of ALL time. I am going to give you 5 reasons why it should be your favorite as well. Come on, jump on this train with me.

Dermaplaning, what is it?

Dermaplaning is a process that involves manual exfoliation with a surgical blade. Don’t let that last word fool you, this process is 1000% PAINLESS! Ever looked at your face and wondered what it would be like to take that venus razor to it and shave? Imagine the results from that, plus more, minus the 5 O’clock shadow!

If you’re not Dermaplaning, you’re not living. Why?

1. Exfoliation: Not only does dermaplaning remove your peach fuzz, but it exfoliates your skin leaving it silky smooth. Seriously, there IS something that is softer than a baby’s bottom. It’s your face. Just saying.

2. Needle Free Botox: Not only does this method leave your skin feeling silky a smooth, but it boosts the skin cell turnover rate, thus increasing the plumpness of your skin! Botox has never been so painless.

3. Anti-Aging Properties: Due to the exfoliation, dermaplaning serves as your skins anti-aging method by softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration of damaged skin.

4. Photoshop Finish: You will not believe how flawless your makeup application looks on your new fresh face! Seriously, you are like a walking photoshop model. “picture perfect” has never been more accurate.

5. Radiance: By removing the dead skin cells and vellus hair, your skin will be able to absorb topical treatments and moisturizer better, leaving your skin feeling more radiant and glowing than ever.

Need more reasons why to dermaplane?

  • Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Great for all skin types
  • Pain Free
  • Immediate results

Please visit FaceToFace Spa to book your appointment now!

Much Love,


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